pysparse.cs package


pysparse.cs.cs module

pysparse.cs.cs.cs1d(y, Phi, Psi=None, optim='OMP', k=1000, tol=1e-08, osshape=None, verbose=True)[source]

Solves the 1-d Compressive Sensing problem

for sparse signal \(\bm x\)

\[{\bm y} = {\bm \Phi}{\bm x} + {\bf n}, \]

for non-sparse signal \({\bm x} = {\bm \Psi}{\bm z}\)

\[{\bm y} = {\bm \Phi \Psi}{\bm z} + {\bm n}, \]

see for details.

  • y (ndarray) – the mesurements \({\bm y}\), if ndarray, each colum is a mesurement
  • Phi (2darray) – the mesurement matrix \({\bm \Phi}\)
Keyword Arguments:
  • Psi (2darray) – the dictionary \({\bm \Psi}\) (default: {None})
  • optim (str) – optimization method, OMP, LASSO (default: {‘OMP’})
  • k (integer) – sparse degree for OMP, max iter for LASSO (default: size of \({\bm x}\) )
  • tol (float) – tolerance of error (LASSO) (default: {1e-8})
  • osshape (tuple) – orignal signal shape, such as an H-W image (default: {None})
  • verbose (bool) – show log info (default: {True})

x – reconstructed signal with sieof osshape

Return type:


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