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Research Projects


AI and SAR

Artificial Intelligence for Synthetic Aperture Radar, torchsar, AutofocusSAR, more

Radar and Camera

毫米波(Millimeter Wave)雷达与光学摄像头(Optical Camera)一体化系统, more

视频:, 密码: tx7p

雷达实物图 (左), 测试场景 (中), 视频链接二维码 (右) 雷达实物图 (左), 测试场景 (中), 视频链接二维码 (右)

Analog Information Converter

模拟信号压缩感知的 AIC 实现研究(Research on AIC Implementation of Analog Signal based on Compressed Sensing), more

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实物图 (左), 视频链接二维码 (右) 实物图 (左), 视频链接二维码 (右)

Image Compression based on Deep Learning

视频: , 密码: kh36