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人体健康分析仪(Human Health Analyser)


  1. 人们对自己的健康状况知之甚少;
  2. 到医院做一次较全面的检查有时花费过高;
  3. 中国老龄化加重,而子女不能时时待在身边,当有突发情况时,无法及时获悉;
  4. 市场上医疗仪器功能单一;


This project is mainly aimed at solving the following problems:

  1. We seldom care about our own health;
  2. It is inconvenient and expensive for us going to the hospital to do an examination sometimes;
  3. The aging degree of China is aggravate;
  4. The elderly’s children can not stay around daily, when there‘s a sudden situation, they can not know what happen in time;
  5. The functions of medical instruments on the market are simple; …

English Introduction

Firstly, various sensors are used for sensing and detection. Secondly, with the embedded hardware and software system, we can control the detection process, the detection data is be analysed on board, after a while, the result is displayed and stored. What’s more, it supports sending and receiving SMS, networking, so the children can get the real time detection results! Last but not least, we hope that the instrument can be as smart as expert with the help of machine learning!

Note that, due to the time, we just implemented some functions!