Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss, but every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent. And when you do, nothing will ever compare.

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Journal List

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

NMI Nature Machine Intelligence submit letpub 1区
IEEE TNNLS IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems submit letpub 1区
IEEE TPAMI IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analyiss and Machine Intelligence submit letpub 1区
IEEE TEC IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation submit letpub 1区
IEEE TC IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics submit letpub 1区
IEEE TFS IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems submit letpub 1区
FSS Fuzzy Sets and Systems submit letpub 1区
Neuro-computing Neuro-computing submit letpub 2区
AI Applied Intelligence submit letpub 3区
MC Memetic Computing submit letpub 3区
CC Cognitive Computation submit letpub 2区
SC Soft Computing submit letpub 3区
MVA Machine Vision and Applications submit letpub 4区
KBS Knowledge-Based Systems submit letpub 2区
PRL Pattern Recognition Letters submit letpub 3区
ASC Applied Soft Computing submit letpub 2区
ML Machine Learning submit letpub 3区



IEEE TMI IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging submit letpub 1区
IEEE TCI IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging submit letpub 2区

Image Processing

IEEE TIP IEEE Transactions on Image Processing submit letpub 1区
IET IP Image Processing      

Signal Processing

SP Signal Processing submit letpub 2区
IEEE TSP IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing submit letpub 1区
IEEE JSTSP IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing submit letpub 2区
IEEE SPL IEEE Signal Processing Letters submit letpub 3区
IEEE SPM IEEE Signal Processing Magazine submit letpub 1区
SP: IC Signal Processing: Image Communication submit letpub 3区


IEEE TSE IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering submit letpub 1区
IEEE SW IEEE Software submit letpub 3区
JSS Journal of Statistical Software submit letpub 1区
ADES Advances in Engineering Software submit letpub 2区
SoftwareX SoftwareX submit letpub 4区

Remote Sensing

RSE Remote Sensing of Environment submit letpub 1区
IEEE TGRS IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing submit letpub 1区
IEEE GRSL IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters submit letpub 2区
RS Remote Sensing submit letpub 2区
遥感学报 Journal of Remote Sensing submit letpub, info SCI
雷达学报 Journal of Radars submit letpub, info SCI
测绘学报 Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica submit letpub, info EI


IEEE TC IEEE Transactions on Communications submit letpub 2区
IEEE CM IEEE Communications Magazine submit letpub 1区
IEEE CL IEEE Communications Letters submit letpub 3区
CC China Communications submit letpub 3区
IEEE TWC IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications submit letpub 1区
IEEE WC IEEE Wireless Communications submit letpub 1区
IEEE WCL IEEE Wireless Communications Letters submit letpub 2区
IEEE CST IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials submit letpub 1区
IEEE JSAC IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications submit letpub 1区
IEEE TCCN IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking submit letpub 2区
IEEE TAP IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation submit letpub 1区
IEEE TMTT IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques submit letpub 1区
NC Nature Communications submit, guide letpub 1区


SR Science Robotics submit letpub 1区
SR Soft Robotics submit letpub 1区
IEEE TR IEEE Transactions on Robotics submit letpub 1区
IEEE RAL IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters submit letpub 2区
JFR Journal of Field Robotics submit letpub 2区
AR Advanced Robotics submit letpub 4区
ISR Intelligent Service Robotics submit, guide letpub 4区


The Lancet      


Sensors Sensors submit letpub 3区
IEEE SJ IEEE Sensors Journal submit letpub 2区
IEEE Access IEEE Access submit letpub 2区
MDPI MDPI Open journals   -
IET IET Open journals   -
Computing Computing submit letpub 4区
VC Visual Computer submit letpub 4区
MS Multimedia Systems submit letpub 4区
MSSP Multi-dimensional Systems and Signal Processing submit letpub 4区
MVA Machine Vision and Applications submit letpub 4区
DKE Data & Knowledge Engineering submit letpub 4区
EL Electronics Letters, New submit letpub 4区
NN Neural Networks submit letpub 2区
NPL Neural Processing Letters submit letpub 4区
IPL Information Processing Letters submit letpub 4区
SPL Statistics & Probability Letters submit letpub 4区
AML Applied Mathematics Letters submit letpub 1区


JIM Journal of Itellntelligent Manufacturing submit letpub 1区
JMP Journal of Manufacturing Processes submit letpub 2区
IEEE TCAD IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems submit letpub 3区
IEEE TIM IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement submit letpub 3区
IEEE TCPMT IEEE Transactions on Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology submit letpub 3区
IEEE TSM IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing submit letpub 4区
IEEE TBCS IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems submit letpub 2区
IEEE TPEL IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics submit letpub 1区

Nature Science

Science Science submit letpub 1区
Nature Nature submit, guide letpub 1区
Nature Physics Nature Physics submit letpub 1区
Nature Chemistry Nature Chemistry submit, guide letpub 1区
Nature Medicine Nature Medicine submit, guide letpub 1区
Nature Neuro-science Nature Neuro-science submit, guide letpub 1区
Nature Communi-cations Nature Communi-cations submit, guide letpub 1区
Nature Machine Intelligence Nature Machine Intelligence submit, guide letpub 1区
Quanta Magazine Science Direct


TI The Innovation submit letpub 国内新英文期刊