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Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss, but every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent. And when you do, nothing will ever compare.

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Hello World - Vno

What’s this

Vno Jekyll is a theme for Jekyll. It is a port of my Ghost theme vno, which is originally developed from Dale Anthony’s Uno.


$ git clone your_site
$ cd your_site
$ bundler install
$ bundler exec jekyll serve

Your site with Vno Jekyll enabled should be accessible in

For more information about Jekyll, please visit Jekyll’s site.


All configuration could be done in _config.yml. Remember you need to restart to serve the page when after changing the config file. Everything in the config file should be self-explanatory.

Background image and avatar

You could replace the background and avatar image in assets/images folder to change them.

Sites using Vno

My blog is using Vno Jekyll as well, you could see how it works in real. There are some other sites using the same theme. You can find them below:

Site Name URL
OneV’s Den
July Tang
Harry Lee

If you happen to be using this theme, welcome to send me a pull request to add your site link here. :)


Great thanks to Dale Anthony and his Uno. Vno Jekyll is based on Uno, and contains a lot of modification on page layout, animation, font and some more things I can not remember. Vno Jekyll is followed with Uno and be licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. See the link for more information.


Notes on Diagnosing and Fixing Everything Electronic

[TOC]前言本人维修的一点经验记录。维修的意义是什么呢?”How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic - by Michael Jay Geier”(book_how)这本书中给出了参考: It might be easier, but it’s usually not cheaper! Sans the cost of labor, repair can be quite cost effective. There are lo...…



[TOC]简介Sublime Text3是一个超强的文本编辑工具,跨平台(Windows、Linux、Mac);几乎你需要的功能都有,一切可修改(快捷键、插件包etc.);界面优美;可惜的是不开源,不过即使不注册也可以使用。Lime Text是其开源版的一种实现,我还没打算用这个。 12个不可不知的Sublime Text应用技巧和诀窍;基础插件Package-Control顾名思义,Package-Control是包管理器,安装方法很简单,复制如下代码, 粘贴到Sublime的命令行窗...…