Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss, but every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent. And when you do, nothing will ever compare.

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Homepage Location Research Note
Vision and Learning Lab University of California, Merced CV, ML paper, code, dataset
Speech Processing Lab National Taiwan University speech, ML paper, course
Convex Optimization Group , GitHub Stanford University optimization paper, course, code
Computational Sensing and Imaging Lab , GitHub The University of Texas computational imaging, ML, MRI, DL paper, course, code
Institute of Trustworthy Networks and Systems Tsinghua University network, wireless, sensing paper, course, code


Photo Homepage Institute Research
Yufei Zhao Massachusetts Institute of Technology Combinatorics
discrete mathematics
graph theory
Stephen P. Boyd Stanford University Machine Learning
matrix theory

Artificial Intelligence

Photo Homepage Institute Research
Thomas G.Dietterich Oregon State University ExplainableAI
Geoffrey E. Hinton Toronto University ML, CV, DL
Yann LeCun New York University ML, CV, DL
Adam Coates Stanford University ML, CV, DL
邱锡鹏 复旦大学 ML, CV, DL
S. Derin Babacan Google Imaging, ML, CV, Bayes
Sergios Theodoridis University of Athens AA, PR, ML, SP, AP…
David T. Sandwell or here Scripps Institution of Oceanography SAR…
Chih-Yuan Yang University of California, Merced CV, CP, SR, SISR
  Henrik   Radar, SAR (hardware, software, design, code
Lin-shan Lee Speech Processing Laboratory, National Taiwan University ML, DL, Speech
Hung-yi Lee Speech Processing Laboratory, National Taiwan University ML, DL, Speech
Sylvain Gugger ML, DL, Tutorials
Jian Tang Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, Canada Reasoning, Knowledge Graphs
Lei Zhang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Image restore, machine learning, paper and code
WeiSheng Lai Google Image restore, ML, paper, dataset, code
Wu-Sheng Lu University of Victoria DSP, DIP, ML, Optimization, classes
Steve Brunton or Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute ML, Math, Books, Videos
Michael Iliadis Research Scientist at Clarifai Image, Video, Text


Photo Homepage Institute Research
Gao Zhen Beijing Institute of Technology WC
Dai LingLong Tsinghua University WC
Gao FeiFei Tsinghua University WC
Emil Bjornson, github   WC


Photo Homepage Institute Research
IRVING VASQUEZ CONACYT Research Fellow assigned to Instituto Politécnico Nacional Robotics,


Photo Homepage Institute Research
Michael Lustig new, Michael Lustig old UC Berkeley MRI, AI, OS…
Müjdat Çetin Sabancı University –> Rochester University Radar, Signal processing, CV, PR…
Kfir Aberman   Radar, DL
Yonina Eldar   CS, DL, SP, MI
  Dynamic Vision and Learning Group   Tracking, Focus